Upcoming live music gigs in Cork city and county:

Sunday May 31st
Lioness - The Amy Winehouse Experience
Cyprus Avenue, 7:30PM, 15

Friday June 5th
Too Many Zooz
Cyprus Avenue, 7:30PM, 20

Friday June 12th
Lisa McHugh
Cyprus Avenue, 7:30PM, 17.50

Wednesday June 17th
Macy Gray
Cyprus Avenue, 8:00PM, 38.50

Saturday September 19th
Andrew Maxwell
Cyprus Avenue, 8:00PM, 17.50

Friday December 18th
The Frank and Walters
Cyprus Avenue, 7:30PM, 22.50

Sunday December 27th
The Stunning - Paradise In The Picturehouse 30th Anniversary Concert
Cyprus Avenue, 7:00PM, 30