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Cork gigs: An events listing / gig guide for live music, concerts, shows and sessions in the Cork area.

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  • Damien Dempsey @ Cyprus Avenue, 08 May
  • Moncrieff @ Cyprus Avenue, 17 Apr
  • Luca Stricagnoli @ Cyprus Avenue, 06 Oct
  • Declan McKenna @ Cyprus Avenue, 16 Apr
  • Macy Gray @ Cyprus Avenue, 16 Jun
    No gigs listed for today, Wednesday 14th of April 2021 or tomorrow, Thursday
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    Fri 16 Apr Declan McKenna Cyprus Avenue
    Sat 17 Apr Moncrieff Cyprus Avenue
    Sat 08 May Damien Dempsey Cyprus Avenue
    Wed 12 May Kawala Cyprus Avenue
    Thu 27 May ASH Cyprus Avenue
    Wed 16 Jun Macy Gray Cyprus Avenue
    Wed 06 Oct Luca Stricagnoli Cyprus Avenue

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